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Scott Alarik

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"Best Novel Yet About Folk Music"
        I'm not much of a 'novel' reader;I prefer non-fiction bios of folk and rock performers. But I am a folk music fan, and I found "Revial" to be a very entertaining, truthful, informative, and life-affirming story. Nathan Warren's trials and tribulations as a veteran folkie cut real close to the truth about what many folk musicians go through in real life. His redemption via his mentoring of Kit Palmer gives a sense of hope to what I thought might end up as too downbeat a story to read thru. I enjoyed the other characters too; such as Ferguson the folk critic waxing cynical about the media conglomorates' distancing themselves from what everyday people(folkies in particular)really are into reading about. I'd recommend this book to folkies and non-folkies alike! Congrats to Scott Alarik on authoring the first successful folk-music oriented novel!

by Maclen, New Hartford, NY

updated: 10 years ago