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Scott Alarik

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

8 PM to 10 PM

Cambridge, MA

Discovering Folk Music, music and discussion workshop

42 Brattle St. Cambridge, MA USA

phone: (617) 547-6789

Price: $46.00


Discovering Folk Music music and discussion workshop
What does the term folk music mean today? What connects the blues guitarist to the Irish fiddler, the urban songwriter to the Cajun band, the folk-rocker to the cowboy singer? How were folk songs used in the lives of ordinary people, from work to romance, politics, birth, death, and the changing seasons? What secrets are hidden in our best-loved songs? And how did all this become the folk music we know today? Alarik guides us on a vibrant journey down the tributaries of tradition, to reveal how they shaped our modern music.
        Some Topics Touched:
        What Lead Belly taught Pete Seeger about songwriting--and swinging a hammer.
        Was Pop Goes the Weasel a working song for Moms?
        What was the real house of the Rising Sun?
        How folk songs were a secret language for oppressed people.
        Is folk music healthier today than in the 1960s?
        Why Yankee Doodle called his feather "Macaroni"--and predicted who would win the American Revolution.
        How Pete Seeger "accidentally" wrote an American folk classic.
        Did Joe McCarthy help ignite the commercial folk revival?
        Parsley, Sage, Rosemary&Thyme: recipe for cooking--or the perfect lover?
        The trick radicals used to politicize '60s songwriters.
        Were the greatest folk ballads written by women?
        The strange connection between Woody Guthrie and Robert Burns.

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