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Scott Alarik

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Revival Is For Lovers

Revival Is For Lovers

scalarik 182

scalarik 182
scalarik 182
“A beautifully told and totally beautifull love story.” Mary Gauthrier
        “A love story ornamented with bluegrass breakdowns, poignant Celtic ballads and the funky beat of the blues.”
        Gene Shay, host WXPN, XM/Sirius
        “A simple love story between two people, but also about a greater love affair between them and their craft, their ambition, their loneliness, and the alchemy of song.” Meg Hutchinson, songwriter
        "A beautiful novel that reads like a love story to the folk music world…a wonderful window into the world of folk music, the dreams of an artist, and a reminder that what we want and what we need are rarely the same thing." Performing Songwriter
        “Such deep lessons in loving, and so well told; just about the warmest, most nourishing book I’ve read. It sticks to me like a layer of skin.” Gordon Bok, folksinger-songwriter
        “Revival captures the heart of the singer/songwriter scene with this story of love, ambition, and artistic integrity.” Catie Curtis, songwriter
        "This love story…belongs in the larger world of Americanmusic and letters. Alarik has crafted authentic characters and drawn a graceful line along what Paul Simon called “the arc of a love affair.” John Gorka, songwriter

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