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Scott Alarik

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Revival News

Songs From Revival

A collection of the songs that are highlighted in "Revival: A Folk Music Novel".
        This playlist contains every song mentioned in Revival, except Gordon Bok’s “Frankie On the Sheepscott.” Gordon Bok’s original version is posted below the list.
        I didn’t pick these songs because they were my favorites, though I like nearly all of them, but because they fit situations and characters in Revival. Whenever possible, this playlist offers the version I listened to while writing the book. Americana picker and computer whiz BJ Mansuetti helped find the best tracks, even unearthing the authentic “singer-songwriter” version of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”
        If any tracks clash with the Revival music in your imagination, please ignore them. Your imagination is always right about these things. Scott Alarik

        “Frankie On the Sheepscott,” words and music by Gordon Bok. Available on North Wind’s Clearing, Folk Legacy Records,
Frankie On The Sheepscot by Gordon Bok by scottalarik