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Scott Alarik

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Scott Alarik has written a true to life novel that shows so many facets of the folk music scene. His gift for prose, love of the music and detailed understanding of the underpinnings of a grassroots world that sometimes creates large careers serves the music and novel well. Scott manages to weave the folkscene of the past into today's ever-changing music world-from lp's to downloads, from major newspapers helping spread the good word of good music to the near disappearance of print media. Add a love story, songs that help tell the story and some very interesting twists at the end and there's a great novel herein. It's all done with class, respect, realism and a dose of the idealism that every folk musician needs.
        If you like a good story, read this book. If you like folk music, read this book, if you dabbled a bit in performing, or are a road warrior-you're gonna like this book. Spread the word.

by Cathy Fink, Grammy-winning folk musician