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Scott Alarik

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Talented, respected folksinger and songwriter Nathan Warren was well on the way to stardom when a contract dispute reversed his trajectory and with it any notions of commercial success. He now lives quietly in Cambridge, Massachusetts, spending his time at a local bar and folksinger hangout, Dooley’s, managing its talent night and nursing pints of root beer. There he meets very young, very talented musician Kit Palmer, whose debilitating stage fright threatens to railroad her career. As their relationship develops, Nathan works to support Kit, acting as mentor and eventually lover, encouraging her to conquer her nerves. Kit in turn brings a long-lost joy back into Nathan’s life, reminding him of his early days and his deep love for folk music and inspiring him to recapture his zest for music and living. Revival is a quiet, contemplative novel that, though at times slow moving, succinctly examines people reexamining themselves and finding the courage to move forward. It is also a fascinating introduction to folk music and a joyous celebration of folk musicians and their world. — Carol Gladstein

by Carol Gladstein, Booklist