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Scott Alarik

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Scott Alarik

Deep Community

Adventures in the Modern Folk Underground

Deep Community

by Scott Alarik, photos by Robert Corwin

Black Wolf Press, 402 pp.

“An essential primer to the continuing folk revival.”

The Library Journal

"One of the best books ever written about folk music."

The Ontario Record

"The best reflection I've ever seen of the world I travel in." Songwriter Ellis Paul

Deep Community presents the folk world as it actually exists today: a music with a history, but hardly a music of the past. It travels as its fans do, from Celtic bands to folk-pop songwriters, bluegrass divas to folk-rock pioneeers, traditional fiddlers to radical troubadours, in grand concert halls and community coffeehouses, sprawling festivals and cozy house concerts. Scores of folk's hottest and most enduring stars are intimately profiled, and captured in vivid performance shots by Robert Corwin, folk’s premier photojournalist. But it would not tell the whole story of this non-commercial - often anti-commercial - substream music without also focusing on devoted behind-the-scenes activists: concertmakers and indie labels, volunteers and high-tech professionals, who use the latest technology to allow folk performers to bypass the heedless superhighways of the commercial music industry, and build grassroots careers that are fueled by community, not capital.