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Scott Alarik

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What fans are saying

What Fans Are Saying:

This land is your land; this book is your book. - L.C.W.
        An absolutely amazing book. If you love folk music, get it! - H.L.
        This novel has wide appeal, way beyond the folk world. Give it as gifts to all and sundry! They will love it. - J.Z.M.
        Peronally speaking, this is becoming one of the most . . . if not the most . . . important novel of my adult life. Thank you for writing this. - J.H.
        I'm really enjoying reading this! I'm a newcomer Americana type singer/songwriter myself so I'm finding the book enlightening as well as entertaining. Fine prose with a warm spirit. I love it! - J.R.
        I finished "Revival" Thanksgiving night. I was grateful to my family, the Grand Tetons and a great book…Nathan helped me rewrite a song that I've been working on for years--he deserves a "co-write". - C.M.
        It's been a long time since I've read something about our world of folk music that was so close to the bone. C.I.
A really wonderful human story about artists and the people who love them. - C.S.
        I read it and I loved it! - S.S.
        "A Great Folk Music Love Story"
        I love folk music, and I like love stories, so this book fulfilled both of those interests for me. A great read! And I just heard it won the 2011 Ben Franklin Silver Award for fiction! Congrats to Scott Alarik, a fine story teller, and a fine musician too. Apple store customer review.
        Just finished it...great read; inspiring to any kind of artist - R.M.
        I'm in the middle of the book and enjoying it very much. As someone who just recently started playing and performing similar music, I've found the book to be inspirational and educational. - S.P.
        Reading this book... I am two thirds through... at times - brought tears to my eyes -because of it's hopeful quality and also the story line which had a striking realism to an experience I had this past summer. Music indeed sets souls on fire - inspiration to it's sometimes crushing limits. - M.R.
        Just finished reading! LOVED it. Couldn't put it down! - M.R.
        Just finished it yesterday. Some great quotes about the music that I will be borrowing when some older folkies than me insist the contemporary singer songwriters are not folk. Of course some are not, but I can think of a bunch of songs that will be passed down. - S.W.
        I recommend you read it.…The book is a big hit in the folk world! - W.F.
        I read it and thoroughly enjoyed it! - S.S.
        I have a very special fondness for the compelling characters in Scott Alarik's book. - D.R.H.
        How could it get better... a story, reading, folk music....? - B.A.
        Just finished it. Well done from a long time fan of good music(some bad) and good writing. - L.D.
        Good book! Enjoyed it and learned from it. - J.B.
        You will love it, it's wonderful! - J.T.
        "Revival" is a Great Book!....especially if you love music, or love stories....if you love folk, singer songwriter, acoustic is a must read! Bill Z.
        Just finished "Revival"…I relate to Nathan and see myself in his clothes. D.D.
        Scott, this book is really wonderful. I can smell the old coffeehouses and re-live those first hoot nights, believing that through this music we were somehow being transported away from who we started out as and aiming toward something truly important. (ha) But it was important -- wasn't it?--and the linch pin for so much of what shaped the decades to follow. "Revival" has the lingo and the flavor, and just the right tone. Thank you for writing it, and bringing to life what so many of us lived and loved, and still do. I can just hear the harmonics at the end, and Tom Rush saying, "She's gone everywhere but home". - D.N.
        "Great novel. I'm sure that anyone who's played an open mic or spent any time on the folky circuit will love it." - G.T.